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Going home

Finally done in Connecticut and going home to Montana tomorrow!

Up-to-speed: I've worked in CT for months at a time since last July. I worked on Sikorsky's S-92 Upper & Lower Air Stair Door programs, and Oct-May worked on the CSAR-X bid, which has unfortunately removed from the DoD's budget. During this time Jeremy and I had been stuffed together and are now happily and somewhat-officially dating. :)

As of now, CDI is going through bumpy times, I'm not sure if I will have to be job searching soon, but I have been keeping an eye out at the job market. It isn't very great out there right now...

Still considering going to school for graphic design w/ a computer science minor. Not sure if it is going to happen, but it would be good to work on my little side passions.

I am down drinking skim milk and whole wheat bread! Hoping to get a little healthier as time goes along. Here's a shout out to the lovely weather at CT, and the crappy snow waiting for me back home..
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