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I haven't recapped in a long while!

Jeremy and I are engaged and our semi-official date is Aug 14! But we have yet to get the wedding goodies together and figure it out. Maybe after Christmas.

I got laid off from work in August due to the office closing. My first semester of heading back to school has been great; I finished finals this last Thursday and all seemed to go well. (Intro to CS and Business Applications). Job has been going great. There is a lot to dig my hands into but it definitely keeps me on my toes.

I am excited to see my best friends next week while I am home for Christmas. It will definitely be awesome! :D

Jeremy and I had our first party here at our house, the turnout was great and it was so much fun. I made some sugar cookies with Jeremy, Jake and Jason (lots of Js!) and took tons of picture. The gift exchange was awesome and all that good stuff. I can't wait to eat some bread stuffing for Christmas meals :D yay!

We bought our new house in November. The first one we were after fell through in August because of random family issues on the seller's part. This one is so lovely though, large open floor plan with a shop in back and garden for me.

We also got a black cat named Trix and she is super sweet and fun.

Hooray for 2009 ^_^
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