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A nice weekend...

I guess I should fix the semi-official wedding date to the more official Sept 18th. We will be having our wedding at a train depot, very awesome inside!

We went and saw Alice in Wonderland in 3d yesterday, 3D movies are so awesome. We were able to see avatar as well in 3d at Christmas time.

I got to hang out with Brenda on Friday (miss her so much :)) and we went out to dinner at Famous Daves. It was so nice because our waitress gave us our drinks for free so it turned out to be a pretty effective dinner for the price :D

We bought some gardening stuff this weekend, the people who owned our house before had worked so hard on the garden in back, I hope we can get something growing. I'm going to have to try really hard!

This week is spring break-I'll be working M-W and then Thursday going to Spokane with my choir (Bridger Mountain Harmony) for an annual choir competition. It should be really fun, but I'm looking forward to it being over haha.

Job is going very well, our redesign for came out in February, I am so pleased with it, and really enjoy the code work :D School is another matter, but its coming along okay. Pretty sure I won't be taking any further classes. Also doing a redesign for, but its not too fancy; I'm hoping she'll be able to work on it easier, of course I don't mind working on it, but I'd like to give her a good product that she should be able to use easily enough as well.

I feel a little lost for what new hobby I want to pursue. I keep wanting to game but not really feeling ambitious enough to sit down and play much. Of course, when I finally do, I've been playing Bioshock 2, and love it so much. I really love the old-time feel and music of the game, as well as turning everyone into shreads with my drill. Been mostly using up any free time with watching Alias. Really proud-almost done with Season 3!

I've discussed maybe joining the Habitat for Humanity group once we get some extra time (no school, etc) and I'm sure the painting will feel good, since I did so much of that growing up, painting has always been a good thinking time.

My goal for the new year was to be a better Chibi artist, but I don't think it's coming along too well, haha.
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